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Autre Lithographie de Giancarlo Impiglia

Catégorie : Lithographies

Technique : Mixte

Support : Papier

Dimensions : 81 x 66 cm

Référence : 2333

Prix : En cours

Prix en € : En cours

/ Nombre de vues : 1103 vues

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    À propos de l'Artiste

    Italien Américain

    He studied at the « Liceo Artistico, » (Artistic Lyceum), and at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, » (Academy of Fine Arts of Rome), where he specialized in murals and mosaics, under the direction of some of the major Italian postwar artists: Giuseppe Capogrossi, Giuho Turcato, Umberfo Mastroianni, Mario Mafai and others.

    Giancarlo Impiglia (1940-) is widely recognized as one of the most influential artists of contemporary Art Deco style. By boldly combining hard-edged, abstract human figures with shimmering colors, Impiglia creates a kinetic vision that captures the rhythm of urban life.

    He juxtaposes static images with carefully planned and controlled geometric patterns, suggesting movement. This evocative imagery simultaneously conveys the joy, excitement, loneliness and sophistication of everyday life in a bustling metropolis. Mr. Impiglia continued his studies, expanding into photography and cinema, receiving degrees from the Technical School of Photography and the Italian Center of Cinematography of Rome. He moved permanently to the United States in 1974.

    Impiglia came to New York in the mid-seventies and immediately began painting and expressing his satirical interpretations of the hustle and glitter of New York’s bourgeoisie. His subjects span the whole spectrum of society… a multitude of characters from every class. With wit and perception, he defines these characters through their attire, painting suave men in white tie and tails, as well as provocatively-dressed women at gala receptions. His figures are faceless. Personalities are defined only by sharply drawn profiles – a subtle commentary on the anonymity of city living.

    The works of Impiglia have been extensively exhibited throughout Europe and America, and also form an important part of many private and corporate collections. He is also well-known for his murals which can be seen in many public places in New York City. He works and lives in New York City.

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    Dimensions : 81 x 66 cm

    Prix : En cours

    Référence: 2333

    Dimensions : 100 x 44 cm

    Prix : En cours

    Référence: 2332

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