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Fullerton Phyllis (1918-1985)

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We have had this painting (second one below, Midnight and Moonbeam) in our family since I was a little girl, and it has always been a favorite. It got damaged and I began to look online to find out who P. Fullerton is, to see if I could find out if the artist has any other work. There is not much info to be had. Here’s what i got:

JoJo Stemple said: “I went to school at Tulane and spent a lot of time in the French Quarter. That’s where at my Phyllis. She was working in her gallery (Coghlan on Toulouse St.). I bought two pieces of her work. One of them she told me exactly where she was sitting when she was drawing. It has her sister’s house in the backgound. I have the photograph she gave me of her in the woods sketching that piece. I also have a picture of she and I together. I last saw her just before Katrina hit. I wonder if she’s still alive. Someone else has bought the gallery. Sweet, sweet lady- I treasure my two pieces and have them framed on the wall in my living room.”

“She lived or lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans and “looked approximately in her thirties in 1973.”   Maybe her style changed as she aged.”


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    Dimensions : 80 x 137 cm

    Price : 15 000 MAD

    Reference: 2688