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Fullerton Phyllis (1918-1985)

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We have had this painting (second one below, Midnight and Moonbeam) in our family since I was a little girl, and it has always been a favorite. It got damaged and I began to look online to find out who P. Fullerton is, to see if I could find out if the artist has any other work. There is not much info to be had. Here’s what i got:

JoJo Stemple said: « I went to school at Tulane and spent a lot of time in the French Quarter. That’s where at my Phyllis. She was working in her gallery (Coghlan on Toulouse St.). I bought two pieces of her work. One of them she told me exactly where she was sitting when she was drawing. It has her sister’s house in the backgound. I have the photograph she gave me of her in the woods sketching that piece. I also have a picture of she and I together. I last saw her just before Katrina hit. I wonder if she’s still alive. Someone else has bought the gallery. Sweet, sweet lady- I treasure my two pieces and have them framed on the wall in my living room. »

« She lived or lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans and « looked approximately in her thirties in 1973. »   Maybe her style changed as she aged. »


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