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Oeuvre 1 de Khurshid (Bangladesh)

Catégorie : Tableaux

Technique : Acrylique

Support : Toile

Dimensions : 60 x 90 cm

Référence : 069

Prix : 17 500 MAD

Année d'exécution : 2009

Prix en € : 1605.5 €

/ Nombre de vues : 865 vues

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    À propos de l'Artiste

    Source : http://www.worldfineart.com/Saleem2/

    Selected Artist for peace walk – The World Harmony-1987 at United Nations,New York,USA
    One man show–2007 ,organized by ministry of culture,govt. of China
    Special Selection – 2007, Tokyo National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
    Honor Artist Collection – 2008, Wuning Art Center, Jiangxi, China
    Thikana New York Newspaper Award, 2008
    Olympic Fine Arts from USA – Beijing Olympic 2008, awarded Gold medal and torch
    Invited artist from USA-2009, 100 excellent artist Exhibition,penang,Malaysia
    One man Show–2009,sponsor by Ministry of Culture,Kingdom of Morocco
    Congressional Recognition -2010 ,by The House of Representative of US Congress ,USA
    Award Of Appreciation-2010, in recognition of valuable contribution to the Asian American Community By the Asian Heritage Committee,New York,USA
    Awarded Medal Of Olympian Artist-2010,by the Mayor Of The City Of Banja Luka,Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Participating artist: the exhibition with Pablo Picasso,Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Victor Vaserely and Francisco Goya
    Euro-Asian Art Center, Vienna,Austria-2010

    47 Individual Exhibition in Ten Country(1982 – 2011)


    Shenyang Palace Museum, Liaoning, China
    Capital Library and Culture Center, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of China
    Solo Art Show, presented by Embassy of Bangladesh, Beijing, China
    Artist Village Gallery-2008, Beijing, China
    Artist Village Gallery-2009, Beijing, China
    Jiujiang Painting and Calligraphy Museum, Jiangxi, China
    Wuning Art Center, Jiangxi, China
    Kechuang Art Gallery,Beijing,China
    Beijing Classic Golf Club Gallery–2009,Beijing,China
    Beijing Classic Golf Club Gallery–2010,Beijing,China
    Liaoning Art Museum,Shenyang,China,
    Liaoning Meijia Gallery,Shenyang,China
    Rivelli Gallery,798 Art Zone,Beijing China


    Taiwan Daye University Gallery ,Taiwan,China
    Taiwan Baguashan Art Museum,Taiwan,China

    United States of America

    Solo Spring Show-Rogue Gallery,Chelsea,New York,USA
    World Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
    Turkish Culture Center, United Nations Plaza, New York, USA
    Eick Holt Gallery, Soho, New York, USA
    Barital Valley College exhibition Space, New Jersey, USA
    Solo Exhibition, Queens, New York, USA
    ATN Bangla, USA TV Studio, New York, USA
    Bangladesh Embassy, Washington D.C., USA
    Lucy’s Bistro,Long Island,New York, USA
    Open Studio Exhibition -2008,Long Island,NY,USA
    Open Studio- Exhibition-2009,Long Island,NY,USA
    One Man Show- International Trade & Cultural Festival,Margate City,Florida,USA
    BA Art Gallery exhibition,New York,USA
    DC 37 Asian Heritage Committee Exhibition,NY,USA
    Solo Exhibition for Bangladesh Liberation war Museum,NY,USA,
    International Club Of DC,Washington D.C,USA
    Stove Factory Gallery,Boston,USA

    Gallery O, Tokyo, Japan
    Gallery Chuwa, Tokyo, Japan

    Galerie In Berlin,Berlin,Germany


    Shilpangon Contemporary Art Gallery,Dhaka,Bangladesh
    Bengal gallery of fine arts,Dhaka,Bangladesh
    Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Bangladesh National Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    German Culture Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Zainul Gallery, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

    Weavers Studio Centre for the art, Kolkata,India
    Gallery wii,oland,Sweden
    Moya Europe Museum,Vienna,Austria
    Galerie Bab Rough
    Asia Festival
    (Bangladesh House)
    Museums, Biennales, Art Fairs and Collective Exhibitions (1969 – 2010)


    Beijing City Museums, Beijing, China
    Kawasaki City Museum, Kawasaki, Japan
    Tokyo National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
    National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhli, India
    Natural History Museum,Crete,Greece
    Bronx Museum of Art, New York, USA
    Hill Wood Art Museum, New York, USA
    Neenam Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA
    Gibbs Museum, South Carolina, USA
    Cleveland Art Museum, Ohio, USA
    OLYMPIC MUSEUM,sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Museum Of Banja Luka ,Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Sao Paulo International Biennale, Brazil
    Asia Art Bangladesh Biennales, Bangladesh
    Beijing International Art Biennale, China
    Rockycany Biennnale – the Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horak, Czech Republic
    Art Fairs

    Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York – 2008
    Lineart Gent, Belgium – 2008
    Art Manez,Moscow,Russia–2009

    Collective Exhibitions

    Bronx River Gallery and Art Center, New York, USA
    Group Art Show, Westchester, USA
    Broom Street Gallery, Soho, New York, USA
    Monique Gold Strom Gallery, New York, USA
    Roots of Renaissance Gallery, New York, USA
    Chicago Public Library, Chicago, USA
    North Western University, Illinois, USA
    Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, USA
    Tefai Academy of Fine Art and Science, Georgia, USA
    Bangladesh art week,NY,USA
    Bangladesh art exhibition,NY,USA
    World Fine Art Galley,Chelsea,NY,USA
    Armory Art Center,Florida,USA
    BA Gallery, pennsylvania,USA
    Noho Art Walk,NY,U.S.A.
    JMA Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    Group Art Exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia
    Graphic Print Show, Rome, Italy
    Dr. Gallery, Beijing, China
    Olympic Art -2008, Beijing Olympic, China
    10th Asian Art Festival,zheng zhou city,China
    11th Asian Art festival,ordos city,China
    Exhibition for OIC, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    National Art Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Young Artist National Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Gallery 21, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Shaju Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Zainul Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Olympia Artist Exhibition,sarajevo annd Banja Luka,Bosnia and Herzegonina
    Gallery Hittite,Toronto,Canada
    4th international Art Exhibition on Peace -Beijing,China
    Exhibition of Historical Artist,Vienna,Austria
    Exhibition- ART& ME,Chengdu,China

    Government, Mueums and Corporate Collection

    OLYMPIC MUSEUM,sarajevo,Museum Of Banja Luka ,Bosnia and Herzegovina. Vice President of Bangladesh, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Works Govt. of Bangladesh. National Museum, National Art Gallery, National Bank Limited, American Express Bank, Padma Group, Ittafaque Group, Beximco Group,Director British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prometheus International; City Management; Bangladesh Consulate, New York, USA..Embassy of Bangladesh, Beijing, China; Jiujiang Painting and Calligraphy Museum, Jiangxi, China; The Museum of Dr. Bohuslav Horák, Czech Republic; Moya Europe Museum,vienna,Austria, Cultural Minister ,Morocco. Bangladesh Embassy,Morocco. Mayor ,city of crete ,Greece. Mayor office,City of Margate,Florida. Executive Directiror office ,DC 37 New York City union,NY,USA and many private collections in America, China, Bangladesh, Japan , France ,Morocco ,Brazil,Mexico and other countries.

    Ses œuvres

    Dimensions : 60 x 90 cm

    Prix : 17 500 MAD

    Référence: 069

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      / 865 vues





      Dimensions Dim

      60 x 90 cm


      17 500 MAD



      Prix en €

      1605.5 €