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Le port de Yaghfouri

Artista : Yaghfouri Said

kategorio : Tableaux

Técnico : Mixte

Apoyo : Toile

Dimensiones : 83 x 48 cm

Referencia : 3508

Premio : En cours

Precio en € : En cours

/ Número de visitas : 127 vues

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    Pri la artisto

    Source : http://www.moroccanfineart.com/artist_list/said-yaghfouri/

    Said Yaghfouri was born in 1977 in Beni Mellal and graduated at the High School Lycée des Orangers, Department of Applied Arts. He was a successful teacher in traditional woodcraft before his work was recognized. He lives and works in Beni Mellal and voluntarily teaches at the association Al Mawahib and L’Education Sociale D’ Azilal.

    Yaghfouri’s dynamic compositions emerge from architectural frameworks which foreground the interplay of geometrical forms in the spatial field. Squares, rectangles and figurative elements are juxtaposed to create urban pictorial scenes. He applies rhythm to movement and relies on colourful planes to deepen his lively depictions. His unique paintings appear like modern stained glass windows informed by cubist tradition.

    Selected exhibitions

    2011 Ouchtar gallery, Tangier, Morocco
    2009 OCP, Yousofia, Morocco
    2009 CMOA, Casablanca, Morocco
    2009 Espace culturel de la faïencerie, Creil, Paris, France
    2008 Bab Rouah gallery, Rabat, Morocco
    2008 Mohamed V theater, Rabat, Morocco
    2008 CMOOA, Casablanca, Morocco
    2007 made in M. gallery, Mega Mall, Rabat, Morocco
    2007 El Manzah hotel, Tangier, Morocco
    2007 Saint Cœur Cathedral, Casablanca, Morocco
    2007 La Minaudière gallery, Rabat, Morocco
    2007 Mega-mall gallery, Rabat, Morocco
    2007 CMOA, Casablanca, Morocco
    2006 Villa Mandarine, Rabat, Morocco
    2006 Parcours d’artiste, Rabat, Morocco
    2006 Maison des Francophones, Rabat, Morocco
    2006 CMOA, Casablanca, Morocco
    2005 The Ministery of Youth and sport, Azilal, Morocco
    2004 Intra-muros gallery, Rabat, Morocco
    2003 The Ministery of Youth and sport, Azilal, Morocco.
    2002 Hassan Bourkia gallery, Beni Mellal, Morocco
    2001 Al Mawahib association, Azilal, Morocco


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    Dimensiones: 83 x 48 cm

    Premio: En cours

    Referencia: 3508

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