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Mehdi Qotbi: 5 years, passion and rigor

Mehdi Qotbi was the first responsible appointed by HM the King President of the National Museums Foundation after the adoption of the 2011 Constitution. A strong signal to show the importance that the Sovereign attaches to culture. Nearly 5 years later, it’s balance sheet time. Admittedly, the president started this project without any structure. It was therefore necessary to quickly find a place to house the Foundation. It was therefore necessary to quickly find a local to house the Foundation. The choice was focused on the former headquarters of the National Society of Strait Studies in Rabat. The new president subsequently began recruiting. Today, the Foundation has 12 people, mostly women, who work according to a double rule: passion and rigor, says Mehdi Qotbi.

In this company, he has developed a “generosity” that highlights his employees. Aware that he has a mission that he can not accomplish on his own, “it is the others who help me to fulfill my responsibility,” he says with humility. With this approach of governance and in a short time, he managed the master stroke of placing museums at the heart of cultural news. And inscribed the concept of museology in the current jargon to the point that the Mohammed VI University of Rabat has created a master. It should be noted that its initiatives are carried out with little means compared to the necessary expenditure in this area. The public budget granted to the Foundation is not enough.

To fill this gap, he opted for what succeeded elsewhere: patronage. His unparalleled lobbying skills, known to all, allowed him to attract private funds for the good cause. The museum renovation plan was undertaken thanks to the contribution of patrons who are convinced of the good will and the requirement of the President of the Foundation.
The goal is to modernize these existing museums, with a name change, dusting these places from another age. But it is Tangier who seems to have marked it: “in a museum, we tell a story, with a real journey. That’s what happened at the renovated Tangier Museum where we have 25,000 visitors since last August. Attendance, more and more large, allows to gauge and judge the merits of what we have chosen. The name has been changed to christen it now the Museum of Mediterranean Cultures (before it was the ethnographic museum).

In addition, since the beginning, it has multiplied the signing of conventions with private groups, ministries including National Education “to further integrate art and culture to educate young people”. The aim is to promote the democratization of people’s access to culture and heritage.
After 5 years, the president managed to put Morocco on the agenda of the most prestigious museums and cultural institutions worldwide.


27 September 2019

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