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Source : https://antiquepianoshop.com/online-museum/mcphail/

Andrew M. McPhail established his piano company in Boston in 1837. McPhail began by building square grand pianos and his firm quickly grew into one of Boston’s more prominent firms. The firm offered several high-grade and elaborate piano models by the Civil War era. By 1880 the firm slowed their square grand piano production and increased their line of upright and grand pianos. In 1891, The firm was incorporated as “The A.M. McPhail Piano Company”.
During the 1920’s, McPhail moved their factories from Washington Street to Waltham Street in Boston. McPhail’s innovate designs made his firm one of the finest in the American piano industry. After the Great Depression McPhail merged with industry giant Kohler & Campbell. Kohler & Campbell continued building pianos under the “McPhail” label until the 1960s.


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    His works

    Dimensions : 300 x 150 cm

    Price : 85 000 MAD

    Reference: 3561