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Born in 1953 Lives and works in Marrakech- Morroco

‘My approach to painting is played poetically on the permanent duel between order and chaos. After a stop of sedentary several years, here I am back in my purely abstract compositions, my well acclimated overlay layers overcrowded, sometimes crossed by a set of gestural forms, springing acrylics, oils, materials, walnut husk and other mediums.

Chromatically, I have long enjoyed the chemistry between the dominant black, gray and red. My paintings seem to feed their color saturation.

At this level, nature plays a vital role in my work. It is the same as a collaborator in the process creative. I use natural tones nickname, especially in that part of my work that makes the viewer see the elements suggested such natural mountains, fog, architecture and the sky.

The canvases are stretched on frames, prepared the primer coat, giving off the illusion of a hard surface.
I am building the surface of my paintings after several acts of deconstruction.
I use tools made to measure, such as spatulas, scrapers ‘koutchia’ or to establish recovery and grow layers of paint on board paintings. Paintings that are sometimes covered with materials first-impressions, from rubbing and scratching, resulting in unexpected forms.

Usually, I throw the pieces still primitive or nearly completed, aside to dry, weather-permitting and other atmospheric factors play a hand in shaping the final product.


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    Ses oeuvres

    Dimensions : 120 x 100 cm

    Prix : 35 000 MAD

    Référence: 395

    Dimensions : 100 x 80 cm

    Prix : 17 000 MAD

    Référence: 394