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Chaussard Cristiano (Brésil)

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A Visual Journey

Born in Brazil from French descent, Chaussard inspires his work in Bauhaus aesthetics and in the modernist movement that impacted him in his artistic formation.

Resident on an island of intense natural beauty in southern Brazil, the visual artist is provoked every day by the beautiful landscapes and the maturation of his gaze to the beautiful:

« My art is initially in the identification of a charming scene transformed by any technique. in the creative image imprinted in my mind.  »

Cristiano Chaussard is also a post-graduate professor in e-commerce and strategic marketing. He is the founder of Flexy Negócios Digitais, president of the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association in Santa Catarina and vice-president of the municipal council of innovation in Florianópolis.

He repositioned his life goals after the birth of his firstborn, bringing together and improving the last 13 years of secluded and timid artistic production in photography, scenic art, music and visual arts, also taking advantage of all the experience he gained in the digital technological environment for the realization of several innovations in their artistic productions with augmented reality and the intensive use of digital maps and online resources.






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