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Lead Up Conference – Casablanca

Lieu : HEM - Campus Casablanca - Casablanca

Catégories : Conférence,

Date : 2019-12-22

Heure : 10:00:00

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Résumé de l'événement :

Hello Moroccan Youth,

We believe that leadership is the key to unlock a better future, our mission is to develop it in anyone. To reach this aim we invite you to our LEAD UP conference, where you will get to know more about Leadership through workshops, networking and sharing spaces that will be delivered by different speakers from different fields.

This conference will be a space for you to reflect upon your leadership skills and get the necessary steps and orientation to improve them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conference ! Make sure to book your ticket NOW by filling the form below:


We count on your presence.

Ps: By assisting to the conference and to all the workshops you will get the opportunity to earn free Certified workshops !