The concept of the site « » is set up so that the holders of works of art (Owners, Artists and Galleries) can confide us « virtually » their works so that we put them in the sale at the level of Morocco and on the international stage with discretion and professionalism. To expose your works on the site, it is enough to send us photos by e-mail in by specifying well the name of one or several concerned artists as well as your complete address and phone number.


Our conditions :

– Every photo is accompanied with a complete description (Dimensions, Artist, Price, Year of execution, Technique, Biography of the artist … etc.) – We select some works to integrate them on our site. The publication on the site is FREE.
– We also present them to our customers by our catalogs, mailings or others.
– We realize we even the marketing practice with potential buyers.
– The published work stays at his owner’s so that the latter has the possibility of selling her by him even if he wishes for it. We move them only if we find a buyer (In exchange for a voucher of consignment) – The remuneration due to « VOSARTISTES.COM » is fixed to 15 % HT of the price of the sale concluded between the owner and the buyer. This remuneration is paid by the owner. 


1) For the Owners:

– we take we even the photos of the works if it is asked us.
– We can move « to guide » better the owners (According to the location)

2) For Galleries:
– we realize we even the advertising of the various events to come (Exhibitions, Varnishings … etc.) – We take care to expose the works of a previous exhibition for example.

3) For the Artists:
– it is enough to send us your biography as well as your artistic route.

– The distribution on the site does not engage at all the Artist, free to sell and to expose its works he even.
– The number of photos to be sent is about 10, with a very good resolution, by taking care of marking in every photo its dimensions(size), his price, a reference number as well as your artist’s name.of marking in every photo its dimensions, its price, one